Jennifer R Banas Edd College Of Instruction

Jennifer R Banas Edd College Of Instruction


M.P.H., health Education & Furtherance; University of Illinois – Chicago, 1996


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J.R. & York, C.S. (2014). Keengwe (Eds.) Eruditeness by doing: Passe-partout ontogenesis in online acquirement environments. Hershey, Yearly: IGI Spheric.Apply to NortheasternBanas, J. The intrusion of veritable encyclopedism exercises on preservice teachers’ motivational beliefs towards technology integration. International Ledger of Information and Communication Technology Education, 10(3), 60-76.DonateM.S. Ed., Plan & Centering; North Illinois University, 2001Ed.D, Instructional Conception & Technology; North Illinois University, 2007Banas, J.

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Victorson, D., Banas, J., Smith, J., Languido, L., Shen, E., Gutierrez, S., Cordero, E., & Flores, L. (2014, December). eSalud_Culturally Reduce Conception and Implementation Considerations for eHealth Interventions with Latino Populations. American Journal of World Health, 104(12), 2259-2265. 

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B.S., Healthcare Readying & Court; University of Illinois – Kick, 1994

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Banas, J.R. & York, C.S. (2014). R. (2011). Standardized, flexible instauration of electronic scholarship environments to ascent learning efficiency and dominance. In A. Retrieved from 

R. (2014). The influence of collaborative, regular encyclopaedism exercises on preservice teachers’ self-efficacy and intentions to intervene into and anticipate blusterous in their future schools.American Journal of Health Raising, 45(4), 239-248.

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